These High-Powered Nerf Guns Hit 70MPH, Will Actually Shoot Your Eye Out

Here at Supercompressor HQ, we've been known to engage in some fairly elaborate and highly distracting Nerf battles during office hours. And aside from a few cases of hurt feelings, and unintentional head shots, it's a generally safe way to blow off some work-related steam. 

So, when we saw the new video of the questionably high-powered Nerf Rival Zeus MXV 1200, we knew one thing and one thing only: we can't let this fall into the wrong hands. Instead, we need it in our hands, so we can shoot the shit out of our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and frankly, anyone else who is unlucky enough to venture out of the community kitchen and into the 70mph (!) crossfire.

For a mere $50, all this foam-filled firepower can be yours (when they ship in late August). Just don't come crying to me when you hurt yourself, bub.

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