TRON + Nike Snowboarding = These Boots

The Nike LunarENDOR Quickstrike snowboard boots make sure that that damn selfish sun doesn't hog all of your slopetime. With 30 LEDs embedded in the swoosh, you'll keep crusin' whatever the time of day. And with the shoemaker's video campaign, Never Not, being about that whatever-it-takes mentaility, you're in good hands soles. 

Even without the built-in street lamps, these boots are stomping proudly onto the scene. The Nike Lunarlon foam makes for responsive yet softer rides while also keeping your muscles and joints in line, to avoid those gnarly aches and pains. And you've got three available levels of stiffness, so whatever the terrain, you'll be good. Lastly, the liner and shell are reinforced with strobel technology, meaning super toasty toes.

Ride on.