This Winter Jacket's Equipped With A Built-In Air Pump To Regulate Heat

The arrival of winter means layering up in bulky coats that often have you sweating the second you step indoors. Yes, you want something that could keep you warm, even in a meat-locker, for snowy days, but if you're active outdoors, you just don't need all the intensity of a heavy down coat.

A million different jackets is not the answer. Introducing NuDown, a line of jackets and vests that allow you to pump-up varying amounts of air into the lining for complete warmth customization. 

The air pump sits in a zip compartment, so it's easily accessible whenever the temperature changes. Air is a powerful insulator; when you squeeze the pump, internal chambers inflate with air, filling space between you and the coat, where heat is typically lost.

And you can press a gauge on the pump to remove air just as easily if you're feeling too toasty. 

Even inflated, NuDown coats still have a sleek look, meaning you won't have to sacrifice style or look like the Michelin man just to have a more functional piece of outerwear. 

Winter just got a lot cooler. Or warmer? You decide.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. Is it hot in here, or is it just you? Follow her on Twitter and Instagram