The super-onesie

Hercules who? We couldn't hear your winter storm whisperings from inside our Selk'bag. In the way of the Poler Napsack and Alite's Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag, here's the once-solely horizontal camping essential receiving yet another vertical treatment, bringing it upright and to the forefront of the outdoor-type's imagination.

The newest model to be added to the collection, the Patagon, is also the most technical: removable booties that zip off to swap with more rugged footwear when necessary; a more anatomical fit provides better temperature control, as well as an upgraded insulation material in Krekran for greater thermal efficiency and stronger yet lighter shell materials; and lastly a redesigned quick-release hand closure system that uses magnets for even faster hand exit and entry for when your sifting around your tent space.

The possibilities!