Order Marty McFly's Futuristic Kicks Immediately

Good news, everybody! You don't have to wait until 2015 (because who knows when that'll happen?!) to own the sick, futuristic Nikes from Back to the Future Part II. A Halloween costume company—found at the inconspicuous URL of—has released the iconic Light Up Shoes that Marty McFly wears during one of the best movie trilogy sequels since The Empire Strikes Back.

While they're not emblazoned with the original Nike logo—because, like, copyright law and all—these awesome kicks are packed full of LED lights that can stay lit for up to 80,000 hours. That's enough juice to get you through literally 3,333 Halloweens.

They fit with an adjustable Velcro strap around the ankle and charge via USB. Have you ever plugged a pair of sneakers into a computer before? Well guess what, cap'n? The future is now. No word yet on how much energy they use...survey says 1.21 gigawatts. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and likes his women like he likes his shoes: assembled by robots?