Foldable Kayaks And The Best Kickstarters This Week

It’s Memorial Day weekend! Have fun out there.

Imbue - The Magnetic Tea Infusing Vessel

Status: $151,186 of $20,000 goal–FUNDED
Estimated Delivery: October 2015
Brewing loose leaf tea is a process, one that can get quite messy and requires several steps. Here we have a multi-use vessel designed to simplify it by allowing drinkers to effortlessly steep leaves in the container when on the go. The Imbue is built from shatter-resistant borosilicate glass and comes topped off with a Bamboo lid to preserve taste. Oh yeah, it makes for a sweet-looking water bottle too.

Origami Leather Collection AW2016

Price:£35-£390 (approximately $39-$434)
Status: $3,805 of $15,450 goal
Estimated Delivery: August 2015
No special tools or stitching required, this DIY leather bag kit borrows inspiration from the art of origami and self-assembly box to create stylish carry bags. The bundled slotting system features 100% genuine leather and a seamless construction design built to carry all your day-to-day essentials, including books, coins, and laptops. Question is, what would you rock?

Halo Stand and Buddy​

Status: $4,557 of $38,941 goal
Estimated Delivery: September 2015
Workaholics stuck burning the midnight oil on their iMac can only benefit from a more spacious and vibrant workspace. The Halo Stand embodies both facets—doubling as both a desk lamp and monitor stand for your computer monitor. A bright LED light is integrated into the chic, compact platform to help reduce eyestrain when typing in dark environments. So no excuses for misspelling Pornhub in the web browser this time around.

Tableau: Automatic House Plant Watering Tray

Price: $137 
Status: $45,172 of $87,765 goal
Estimated Delivery: December 2015
More often than not we completely forget to water our houseplants. Dutch design start-up Pikaplant looks to solve this problem with its remarkable automatic watering system. The Tableau only just requires you to pour water into the reservoir, as it takes care of the rest by watering the roots of a plant for a set period of time before drying out. It accomplishes this using zero electricity. Talk about going green.


Oru Coast Kayak

Status: $67,090 of $40,000 goal–FUNDED
Estimated Date: September 2015
The same company that brought us the first origami-inspired folding kayak has a newer, more durable model in the works. Retaining the innovative foldout design of its predecessor, the 16-foot Coast is built using corrugated plastic for the hull, while sporting nylon straps that secure the top seam to prevent water from leaking in. Of course it also collapses into a smaller form factor that makes for an easy carry from the trunk of your car to the beach.

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