Illuminate Your Campsite And Charge Your Phone With This All-In-One System

Published On 03/10/2015 Published On 03/10/2015

The worst thing about spending an evening out in the woods? The harrowing, deafening blackness of the all-encompassing night. The second worst thing? Not being able to stream House of Cards for three hours straight.

Conquer both these conundrums with the BioLite NanoGrid—a portable system of outdoor lanterns that will also charge your USB enabled devices, on the road, off the grid, and everywhere in between. 

The Awesomer

The main lantern emits a steady 200 lumens of all-around light in normal mode, and 250 lumens in directional torch mode. The system also comes with two SiteLights, providing an additional 150 lumens of brilliance.


The most notable feature of the NanoGrid is its ability to become a portable power plant, able to charge any device with USB capabilities (which narrows it down to pretty much everything).

The NanoGrid setup will set you back $99, but that's a small price to pay for a full lighting system that'll stay on way after the fire's gone out and you have nothing left to stream.



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