These Are Not Your George Costanza Sweatpants

Sweatpants have a bad rep. When used for working out, they're acceptable—Rocky would have looked weird if he were training in corduroys. But the minute you step out of the gym, something just doesn't work. It looks like you've "given up."

Outdoor Voices may not be aiming to change the place sweatpants have in our society, but they're sort of doing it anyway. Impeccably tailored to preserve mobility, they're comfortable and, perhaps more importantly, class up the joint a little more than those trusty old Russells. They're also made right here in the USA.

Running Man Sweats - $120
The flagship product as far as we're concerned, these synthetic pants—polyester with a touch of spandex—actually make you forget they aren't cotton. But when you're actually sweating, you gladly remember they're not cotton. They have dual side-pockets and some hidden ones as well for storing your ID, crumpled $20, and keys. Best of all: they're made in America.

A close-up shows the awesome detailing of the heathered ash gray.

Runner's Higher Shorts - $70
Outdoor Voices' running shorts may not look out of the ordinary, and they're not. They're a simple and straightforward take on a classic. The difference here is that they're done really well. They don't quite feel like the flimsy short-shorts you used to run cross-country in back in the day—they feel like they're made to last. And they double as a swimsuit with a compression liner to hold your junk.

Flatiron Crew Neck - $65
Every brand likes to do its own take on the t-shirt, and this one complements the sweatpants perfectly.

Finishline Jacket - $120
Possibly the cleanest looking item on this list, this lightweight shell is fully vented in the back to keep the sweat levels down. It also looks like it could be from the future or the past, which is cool.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He is getting back into running after a knee thing. Just, like, FYI.