The Oxboard Finally Makes Segways Cool...Maybe?

Outside of mall cops, tour groups, and famous illusionists, the Segway doesn't get a whole lot of love. But what if we told you someone made a slightly less awkward, more mobile version of the polarizing electric scooter? Someone has: meet the Oxboard. If Gob Bluth were real, he'd be all over it.

The Oxboard is essentially a Segway without the awkward looking steering column. You control it through subtle shifts of your body weight, something that sounds tricky at first but looks to be fairly intuitive. While you'll need better balance to ride an Oxboard than a Segway, what you lose in ease of operation you gain back in coolness points. 

Seriously, check out how cool this kid looks. My 8-year-old self would be starstruck.

Although the Oxboard website says that international shipping might be possible on a case-by-case basis, right now it looks like the only certain place to get the Oxboard is in the Netherlands, where you'll have to fork over €800 (about $891) for one. Next time you have an Amsterdam adventure, keep your eyes out for these.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and his eight-year-old self is definitely putting this on his Christmas list.