This Fitness Band Will Literally Shock You and Shame-Post To Facebook

Most exercise plans revolve around motivation from a positive source—improving fitness, health, and strength of body and mind. These are all great goals. But sometimes goals really aren't enough, and it takes some old-fashioned punishment to get things going. Banking on the power of threats, Pavlok aims to change your life and get you on track, one shock at a time. 

With everything from getting up the moment your alarm sounds, working out on time, and stopping your hours of Internet procrastination, Pavlok will help. If you snooze one too many times, you'll get a 350-volt shock.

If the shocks aren't enough motivation—your friends can also administer them if you miss your goals—the Bluetooth-equipped device will get your phone to shame-post if you don't do what you've asked yourself to do. Missed your workout? The world will know. If you're this hell-bent on hitting the gym, you're probably vain enough to care what they think and shape up.

Don't have Facebook? (Okay, man, we get it.) It's still effective, since you can set it to pay your friends money if you trip up. It'll also pay YOU if you hit certain goals, giving you a carrot as well as that stick. As long as your awake/conscious mind is thinking clearly when you program your goals, you'll thank this thing.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He's is currently eating a KitKat bar. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.