Inside Indochino’s First NYC Home

The suit makes the man. Truth. Not only does walking around in a well-tailored three-piece make you feel like the hot-shot you’ve always fancied yourself to be, but to everyone else, you absolutely look like one. And for years now, Indochino has been one of the premier e-tailors for dudes to design and order reasonably priced, fully-bespoke dress shirts and suits from the comfort of their couch. However, they’ve grown so popular, it was time to unveil a more permanent outpost in New York City, where customers can get the full treatment in person.

Last week, we were treated to a preview of the new showroom, and got the head-to-toe experience. Guys, pay attention. It’s well worth a visit.

The loft-like SoHo spot is set up as a physical manifestation of the e-shop, where instead of clicking to add a new material or detail on the screen, you can touch and feel each and every option. Come ready to make some big decisions.

First up, though, you’ll be professionally-sized. As you’re being measured, all the specs are added to a personal online profile, to be retrieved on-demand whenever you want to order a new suit, or if you need a little added pressure not to pack on the pounds. 

From there, you’ll get the grand tour of materials and styles. It’s up to you to select all the details, of course, but Indochino’s helpful staff are there to give you feedback. Don’t trust your sense of style? No problem, they know what they’re doing and will steer you right. 

As with any made-to-measure shirt and suit, you get your pick of lapel and collar style, buttoning, pockets, monogram...the works. They have examples of it all, too, so you’re not left crossing your fingers that what you saw on your computer screen turns out looking the same in person.

As you walk through the space making choices, your lovely consultant will virtually build the whole thing in real time using a special iPod widget. Then once you've settled on the final package, all specs are fired off to Hong Kong, where every suit is manufactured.

Turnaround time is roughly four weeks, so plan ahead, and if by chance something doesn't fit quite the way you'd like, they'll gladly amend for free on site. Just walk in and they'll make it perfect.

Eat your heart out, Saville Row.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He abhors front pleats.