Pintrill's Pins Are Totally #Clever

Born and bred in the hard-hitting and fashionable streets of Brooklyn, Pintrill is a streetwear accessories brand specializing in dynamic and fashionable lines of pins for the hype-conscious individual in an intolerably hip world. Four-Pins perhaps describes it best by saying the name is "both clever and totally f**king insufferable," but hey, everyone knows the potential of an eloquent and informative pun. 

With a line of snarky pins ranging from the vastly-underrated "100 points" emoji to every Tweeter's favorite/least-favorite hashtag, "Blessed," Pintrill keeps their product on the pulse of pop culture by tapping into our inner hype-beast and embracing the irony that attaches itself to Internet culture like barnacles on a sunken ship.

The team behind Pintrill goes on to say, "We're deeply ingrained in the fashion scene here in New York, and drew a lot of inspiration from the things that we love, and the culture that surrounds us—mainly streetwear, hip-hop, the Internet, and pop culture at large...

We wanted to make something we would wear, something that speaks the language we use, and hope that people like them as much as we do."

Pintrill is all about attaining those good vibes everyone wants while sharing said vibes with the world. At the moment, you can choose from six different pins—which is definitely more than enough if you're into the type of style elevation that revolves on a daily schedule.

Just keep praying that a seventh pin will be released so you can make sure you can have one full week of being #blessed.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and has an extensive collection of punk band pins from high school.