The Propane-Powered Scooter Is Here

Whenever you see a gas-powered, tiny scooter buzzing down the street, chances are you're left sporting a look of disgust. The sound was horrendous, you found the complete lack of dignity of the rider alarming and abject, and the tiny two-stroke engine that powers this ridiculous method of human transport deposited particulate smoke that has hijacked your mouth and will take three washes to remove from your clothing. They are not good.

Solving the noise and pollution problems, the ProGo Scooter uses a different method than those oil and gas-burning two-strokes: environmentally-friendly propane. Burning cleanly and quietly off a standard 16.4 ounce container, the ProGo launches a solid appeal in the trial against personal scooters.

Besides being EPA and California-approved, this scooter gets two to three hours of runtime on a single Coleman-style propane tank. Moreover, any of the annoying two-stroke tinkering is gone, as are chokes, priming, or carburetor cleanup.

Powering the foldable scooter is a 25cc, four-stroke engine that can bring the 35 pounds of steel and rubber up to 20 mph, depending on how heavy you are. With a 30-40 mile range, you could even get a week's worth of commutes. But you might want to bring a spare canister just in case. And if you're worried about stopping, there are disc brakes on both the front and back wheels.

Of course, the main disadvantage of riding one of these is the massive amount of mockery and insults that you must dodge on your way to work. We advise you plan your responses perfectly beforehand, since "Now-wait-you-don't-understand-it's-environmentally-friendly-and-clean-burning-propane-that-has-low-carbon-emissions" won't really fly when you're floating along at 20 mph. Just something to think about.

Oh and also it's just a matter of time until someone straps a GoPro to the ProGo. Just saying. 

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He rides a bike to work but doesn't judge other people's transportation methods. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.