Meet The Warby Parker Of Italy: All Handmade, Cheap As Heck

One thing that you can never have enough of? Glasses. Whether they have prescription lenses for your eye issues or shades to prevent you from developing any, nothing spices up your look like the right set of frames. It's not always easy to find the best glasses around without breaking the bank, so we're always happy to help you out. Check out Quattrocento, a new brand of high-fashion, handmade frames from Milan with great offerings at even better prices. 

With a name evoking the best of the Italian High Renaissance, the brand aims high, and it doesn't disappoint. Each frame is handmade out of top-quality materials, and a flat price of about $130 applies to each style of frames, many of which can be fitted with prescription lenses. Oh yeah—there are 70 styles of frames available. Just to reiterate: 70 styles of handmade Italian frames, prescription lenses available, for $130. Yeah. We think it's crazy too. 

Here's an example of one of Quattrocento's finest. The price? About $130. We weren't kidding. Head here to check out all of the other styles available and treat your eyes to some of the best Italy has to offer—for a fraction of the cost.

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