Red's Sunglasses: All The Quality, None Of The Price

We've gotten a hold of some pretty sexy sunglasses in the past, but we cannot seem to keep our hands (or faces) off of Red's Outfitters. Started by a couple of dudes with a vast appreciation for beach vibes and fine Italian craftsmanship, Red's aims to reach the same iconic level as Ray-Ban or Oakley

Each and every pair of sunglasses is handmade in Italy using polarized Zeiss lenses and luxury-grade Italian acetates. These shades are the real deal. Below are a couple of our favorites. 

Rankin - $195
Few companies can produce a pair of sunglasses that seamlessly mix the care-free feeling of Risky Business with the serious look ofTerminator 2, but low and behold: here they are. They're heavy enough to ensure they won't fall off your dome and light enough to keep you from the dreaded eyewear migraine. That last thing is a lie. No such thing exists. 

Scottie Originale - $150
We love the Scottie in Dark Havana...they give the impression that you've spent a couple of weeks in Cuba at one point and may or may not have been born under the name of Ernest Hemingway

Newell - $195
We can't go through this entire list without mentioning that each of these frames are eco-friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable—keep that in mind when you've got a pair of Newells on your face. The Moonlight Clear frame contrasts well with the Crystal Blue Mirror Polarized glass and almost makes you look like the evil ski jock from, oh, every single '80s movie ever. 

Black Polarized - $195
These classic aviators are everything you want for your Top Gun appreciation fan club. Do you feel the need? The need for speed?! Fun fact: These particular frames have been made the exact same way in northern Italy since 1956. Solidarity, brother. 

Helms - $135
The Sunrise Orange frames paired with the Midnight Grey lenses make for a loud accessory to your person that call attention—or peacock—as douches say, in a fashion that gives off the feeling that you maintain a listless view of the world and, to lesser extent, the sun. Note: please don't stare at the sun. 

Buying sunglasses should always be a hunt for style and functionality, and Red's satisfies both of those categories with their dedication to Italian craftsmanship. Plus they literally throw in a black Porsche 911 Targa with every purchase. Also definitely a lie. Not true at all.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and, hands down, his favorite character from Planet of The Apes is Dr. Zaius.