Volvo's New Invisible Reflective Spray Could Save Your Life

Published On 04/01/2015 Published On 04/01/2015
volvo lifepaint

Volvo has long been known for its innovative safety features in vehicles, and now they're setting their sights on saving the lives of people who ride a different set of wheels with the debut of LifePaint, a new reflective spray that's only visible at night.

Designed with bikers in mind, the water-based spray adheres like paint to most any surface (clothes, bags, helmets, bike frames, etc.) and beams brightly whenever light hits it at night. It won't muck up your gear either, since it's completely invisible in daylight, and naturally washes off after about 10 days.


For now they're testing it out in limited UK markets, but if all goes well they plan to expand distribution. Until then, don't forget to fire up your LED blinkers.



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