Cork Surfboards Made From Actual Used Corks

Cork surfboards aren't novel—cork is a natural alternative to fiberglass-covered plastic or foam—but surfboards made of corks sure are. Created by an interestingly-named Spanish company called Richpeoplethings that has the audacious aim to break the link between wealth and money, these boards are among the most unusual we've seen.

We tracked down Angel Rodriguez Arnal, one of the guys behind Richpeoplethings—according to Arnal, it takes approximately two months to craft a single one, so don't expect to see a ton of these floating around. 

While Arnal and Co. could easily venture to a vineyard supply store and snag tons of corks, they use actual corks that have felt the touch of wine. "Corks come from our 'corklectors,'" Arnal says. "People with big hearts, restaurants, wineries, and hotels."

As we all know, just because a product is cool-looking with an unusual story doesn't mean it's a good product. Arnal's sales pitch includes calling the board a "silence dream," and that it rides "like a cloud."  

A little green ourselves on this bro talk, we reached out to our old friend Michael Woodsmall, deputy editor at popular surf site The Inertia, who deciphered the lingo. "These sound like good things," Woodmsall says. "He simply means it floats well in the water, and easily catches by waves—albeit in a super heady way." 

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. His mind was blown by Riding Giants. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.