Out of all the purchases you make in life, a new set of luggage certainly errs on the more mundane side. Aside from making sure it's carry-on size and maybe tying a ribbon to it so you don't accidentally jack some housewife's shoes at the airport, it's likely you've never given much thought to your suitcases. That's probably because you've never met a set that's worth giving any thought to—until now. 

Meet RIMOWA, a classic, devastatingly stately German luggage company that harkens back to the glory days of air travel. Expect quality European design, a nearly indestructible body, and bold lines with sleek colors. Don't expect ever having to buy another suitcase again.


After designing their first travel case back in 1898 (out of wood, no less), RIMOWA continued to adapt to the advancements in modern travel, even drawing inspiration from them. Richard Morszeck, the original founder's son, saw the momentous, lightweight metal technology used in early aircrafts, and transposed them to luggage—creating a solid, incredibly durable travel case that was fit for skies, and a favorite of flight attendants, pilots, and people who emulated pilots and flight attendants.


The modern-day RIMOWA is made from a unique polycarbonate design (the first in the luggage world), and is described as nearly impervious to all frequent flyer fears: the elements, baggage claim mishaps, and all those unexplained dents that accumulate with wanderlust.

If you are looking to invest in luggage you'll have for the rest of your life, you'd be well-suited to choose a RIMOWA.



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