Swole Season: Kickstarter Cheat Sheet 03/07/14

Get pumped, it's Friday.

Price: $12/per
Status: $155,131 of $12,000 goal — FUNDED
Estimated delivery: May 2014
One of those "how has this not been invented until now" items, SnapRays are seemingly normal outlet covers, only they're not. They have a series of tiny LEDs on the lower edge which emit a gentle night-light level of illumination (only) in the dark to keep you from tripping into the bathroom at 3 a.m.

Price: $165
Status: $559,054 of $250,000 — FUNDED
Estimated delivery: July 2014
Ever wonder what it would be like to control everything in your life at the flick of a finger? It's not that far off. [More...]

monkii bars
Price: $96
Status: $30,077 of $25,000 — FUNDED
Estimated delivery: August 2014
Since going to the gym sucks, this pair of wooden handlebars let's you workout anywhere. Stuffed with a braided suspension line designed to hold over 400 pounds, they can be slung over a tree branch, park playground equipment, or even a hotel bathroom door, transforming into a set of gymnast rings for solid resistance training wherever and whenever you find some spare time.

Ti POST RAW Pen + Stylus
Price: $65
Status: $24,026 of $5,000 goal — FUNDED
Estimated delivery: June 2014
Keeping you fully armed for both digital and analog life, this slick weighted writing utensil is small enough to stash in your pocket, and comes with a screw-on stylus head for the opposite end of the pen nub.

Ace & Everett
Price: $19+
Status: $18,475 of $20,000 goal
Estimated delivery: July 2014
Touted as the first American-made Supima Cotton socks, these colorful foot-gloves give you full toe-to-calf pattern, reinforced bottom, and the confidence to show a little ankle.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor for Supercompressor. He would like to start a crowdfunded bank account.