James Cameron x Rolex = New Deepsea Sea-Dweller

Back in 2012, director James Cameron became the first guy to dive solo into the deepest known part of the ocean, because it's James Cameron and of course he did. The Mariana Trench, nearly 36,000 feet deep—that's seven miles, folks—was previously conquered by Captain Don Walsh and Jacques Picard in 1960. Strapped to the outside of their vessel was Rolex’s now-legendary Deepsea Special dive watch, keeping perfect time and returning unscathed. 

Now, Rolex continues their tradition of excellence in deepwater exploration with the Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue Dial. This beauty commemorates Cameron’s monumental solo dive and the upcoming release of Deepsea Challenge 3D, the film documenting his landmark expedition. 

The most noticeable feature here is the two-color gradient dial, which fades from blue to black and is meant to signify the change in water color during descent. The dial's DEEPSEA insignia has also undergone a color change from the standard model, to a yellowish green (called chartreuse...who knew?), the same color as Cameron's deep-diving vehicle.

Other specs include a helium escape valve and a glowing blue Chromalight display, which allows for optimum visibility even in the darkest reaches of the ocean. With its 44-mm Oyster case and Rolex's patented Ringlock technology, the Deepsea Sea-Dweller is, obviously, very waterproof. Like12,800 feet, waterproof.

The unconfirmed price is set somewhere around $13,000, but wouldn't it be cooler if it were exactly $12,800?

H/T: Hodinkee

Keller Powell is the Associate Editor at Supercompressor and she just might watch Titanic when she gets home.