If Batman Needed A Knife, He'd Carry This One

My reaction upon seeing the Schrade SCHA5B M.A.G.I.C.  is how remarkably in-tune it is with Christopher Nolan's modern-classic, quintessential vision of Batman, despite having absolutely nothing to do with the Dark Knight himself.

Still, everyone likes to feel like a superhero once in a while, and a nice first step might be picking up this nifty little 3.3-inch mix of folding carbon steel and badass perfection. 

It's super-easy to use, with thumb-knobs on either side and a spring-assisted opening system, meaning you can stab any tree you want literally within milliseconds.  

The knife features a belt clip on one side, and an open slot to place a lanyard—because who wouldn't want the world to know they are packing hot steel like this?

Just don't stab anything you might regret, people. 

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