Superhero Sleeping Bags You Can Wear

Selk'bag, a company of sleeping bag masterminds, is making childhood dreams come true with its new Marvel collection. That's right, the comfort of a onesie meets your favorite defenders of humanity from arguably the best comic book universe.

And these things come decked-out with (almost) every capability you'd expect from a super-suit: detachable booties with reinforced soles, dual-front entry zippers, plus a thermal collar to keep out the cold—all of which make them practical for both camping and vigilante justice.

Toss in a web-shooter and you're ready to fight crime. Or take a seriously comfortable nap. Your call.

Tony Stark approved.

"You wouldn't like me when I'm cozy."

This is one solider who's definitely prepared for winter.

Ali Drucker is an editor at Supercompressor. Tobey Maguire over Andrew Garfield, any day. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.