This Suitcase Transforms Into The Perfect Travel Dresser

Living out of a suitcase sucks...unless your suitcase is a portable quadruple-shelved dresser that keeps all your stuff exactly as it is no matter where you drag it. The ShelfPack is just that, and with it you'll never have to worry about your jacked up duffel bag making your itinerant life a mess.


ShelfPack's design is ingenious and pretty self-explanatory: the case contains four shelves and retractable telescopic supports that become a dresser once you get to your room. Just pack once for your trip, and you're good to go. Outer compartment pockets add even more storage space, so you won't have to leave anything behind.

The case is about the same size as similar rolling bags you'd check for a trip, but like Optimus Prime, there's more than meets the eye. Head here snag one for around $350.  

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