Shwood's New Titanium Sunglasses

Portland-based Shwood has always been doing its own thing, from the first pair of wooden sunglasses they produced to the shades built from old Louisville Slugger bats. Today, Shwood continues that experimental tradition with the FIFTY/FIFTY Titanium collection, adding the super-element into its repertoire.

The metal frames are cut from a single flat sheet of vacuum-plated titanium and feature domestic walnut hardwood temples and Carl Zeiss lenses, though the frames are prescription ready.

Titanium is new for Shwood, but that's not the only thing. One of the three frames used in this collection is a new model featuring a keyhole bridge, sized for slightly smaller faces. After acetate and titanium, we wonder what's next for these Oregon experimentalists. Carbon fiber? Bone? Damascus steel? I'm hoping it's Damascus steel.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor for Supercompressor. He is not wearing sunglasses, because he has manners and is inside. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.