The Ultimate Skyscraper Escape Tool

Whether or not you're terrified of heights, the prospect of being in a skyscraper without a viable escape route when an emergency hits is, well, terrifying. But now there's a way to ensure such a scenario doesn't end in death, thanks to the SkySaver.

Packed into a lightweight backpack, the portable and fire-resistant escape system can easily be stashed in a closet. So when sh*t hits the fan, and you have no other way out but down through a window, you simply strap it on and attach the cable to a secure anchor point (radiator, sturdy desk).

Once you exit, it'll automatically lower you at a speed of around two meters per second via a built-in auto-braking system. Think of it as a knotted bed sheet rappel line devised by Jason Bourne. Or as a bed sheet to sneak out of your parents' house. Either way, picture it working really well and lowering you down safely. 

Depending on the height of the building, the pack is available in two models: 160-foot and a 260-foot versions, both of which can carry a load of up to 290 pounds, a figure that should give you even more reason to eat a salad for lunch today.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He'd actually enjoy the occasional fire drill if they involved getting to try these out.