These Shades Are A '90s Slap Bracelet For Your Face

Remember slap bracelets? If yes, you'll enjoy slap sunglasses, a way to never lose your shades this summer. SlapSee Sunnies take a hinged nose-bridge, wayfarer-style frame and slap it on (oh come on, you'd do it too) two stems made from the same type of silicon-coated devilry that had us so entranced in the '90s.

The New Zealand-made shades aren't just a novelty—the lenses boast a full UV 400 grading, meaning they block 100% of the harmful UV rays the summer sun'll send out. They're available in four colors, and fold up and fit anywhere, like this:

Snag yourself a pair here for just $32. With this price and pliability, we think we've found the perfect pair for the beach. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He knows how important it is to have designated beach shades. 

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