Some A-Hole Made a Jackson Pollock Jigsaw Puzzle

When British explorer George Mallory was asked why a person would climb Mount Everest, he replied, " because it's there." We humans periodically need to test ourselves, like Hemingway, as a reminder that we have a pulse and bleed red. If you don't have the $30,000 it costs to climb Mt. Everest, there's another way to put yourself to the test — the Jackson Pollock jigsaw puzzle.

Slashed into 1,000 pieces, "Convergence," a 1952 epic work of abstract expressionism, will take all of your cunning to piece together.

Because if they had gone with some earlier, less crazy Pollock like above, what fun would that be?

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an Editor at Supercompressor. He wonders who would have won in a fight, Pollock or Hemingway? Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.