This Is The Manliest Grill On Earth

Getting back to nature can be a primal, testosterone-heavy experience. Nothing gets the man juices flowing like a five-mile hike followed by a fire cooked supper—yes, supper—and a night out under the stars. If you're looking to have some serious outdoor man time, you're going to want to get the Sportes MITI-001, maybe the most badass grill we've ever seen. 

This isn't a complicated piece of machinery—all you need is a decent sized log or stump and you're all set. Split the wood, put the grill on top, secure the poles, and start the fire. Oh, and you should probably skin and clean the wild game you just hunted and killed with your bare hands before you throw it on. 

Unfortunately, it appears that the MITI-001 is only available to ship to Canada, but you can order it here for about $52 and pick it up from Sportes' Montreal office. Sounds like a great excuse for a jaunt up north, preferably on foot with manly adventures and outdoor cooking throughout.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and he's brushing up on his French for his manly adventure up north.

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