The Star Wars Death Star Disco Ball

Now that the new Star Wars movie has a cast, it's time to celebrate. After searching the Internet's deep corners, we found the most appropriate thing you can buy to commemorate the occasion — the Death Star Disco Ball.

When you think about it, Star Wars and disco actually have a ton in common: the 1970s, big hair, colorful lasers, shiny suits, hairy chests, and big ol' spheres. This handmade-to-order motorized disco ball is made to represent the New Hope-era Death Star, before the incident with the Jedi. Though if you bring the house down hard enough, you might accidentally put your ball into Empire condition.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is Supercompressor's Gear editor. According to him, there are only three Star Wars movies, and then George Lucas's fan fiction of his own stuff. Here's his Twitter.