The Party Animal's Ping Pong Table

Quite possibly the greatest thing to happen to ping pong tables since a group of intrepid young Ivy Leaguers built an entire drinking game culture around them, the Studio Table ingeniously combines a regulation table tennis surface with the bossiness of an epic sound system. Prepare for it to blow whatever existing audio setup you've got in your game room out of the water.

The handiwork of STIGA (the Nike of the table tennis world), this beast is equipped with a 2,800-watt sound system in its base, complete with two 12-inch subwoofers and eight three-way speakers, which provides an immersive, 360-degree audio experience in the room—and a hellish reality for your downstairs neighbors.

Not to mention, it's all on display, thanks to a brain-shaking system of LED down-lighting to keep the party vibes firing on all cylinders.

It's also Bluetooth-equipped, so you can stream your tunes from all manner of devices, and even includes a mic input with separate volume control, should you feel compelled to enter full-on obnoxious karaoke mode. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and has already added this to his Christmas list.