17 Highly Successful People Who Wear The Same Thing Every Day

When you're running one of the biggest companies on Earth or leading the free world, spending even the slightest amount of time or energy on deciding what to wear translates to precious moments wasted.

So in the spirit of efficiency, we rounded up 17 incredibly successful individuals—both living and deceased—who've made a habit of stepping into the same outfit every single damn day. Let's face it, sometimes variety is overrated.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Who: creator of Facebook, nerd
Signature uniform:jeans, t-shirt, hoodie sweatshirt

2. Tom Wolfe

Who: novelist, reporter, father of two
Signature uniform:white suits, occasionally with a white homburg hat

3. Louis C.K.

Who: funnyman, star of Lucky Louie
Signature uniform:black t-shirt or polo, jeans

4. Stanley Kubrick

Who: film director, avid chess player
Signature uniform: rumpled button down, ripstop fatigue jacket, chinos

5. Steve Jobs

Who: cofounder & CEO of Apple, vegan
Signature uniform: jeans, black turtleneck, sneakers

6. Albert Einstein

Who: theoretical physicist, sailor
Signature uniform: Scholars will argue that his second wife was responsible for getting him to wear the same suits every day. However, in his twilight years after she passed he was known for donning a particular cotton sweatshirt and sandals.

7. Christopher Nolan

Who: film director, brother
Signature uniform: button down shirt, herringbone vest, dark blazer

8. Alfred Hitchcock

Who: master of suspense, film director
Signature uniform: high-waisted black suit, black tie

9. Karl Lagerfeld

Who: fashion designer, German man
Signature uniform: monochromatic suit, sunglasses, studded leather driving gloves

10. Henry Rollins

Who: musician, badass
Signature uniform: black t-shirt, pants

11. Simon Cowell

Who: TV talent judge, possible vampire 
Signature uniform: jeans with a white t-shirt (casual), jeans with a criminally half-unbuttoned white dress shirt (formal)

12. Andy Warhol

Who: pivotal figure in the pop art movement, friend of Dennis Hopper
Signature uniform: dark Levi's, light button down shirt, tie

13. Dean Kamen

Who: entrepreneur, Segway enthusiast 
Signature uniform: denim button down shirt, Levi's, work boots

14. Fidel Castro

Who: Cuban political & revolutionary, college grad
Signature uniform: Green military uniform, patrol cap

15. Michael Kors

Who: fashion designer, fragrance creator 
Signature uniform: black pants, black t-shirt, black blazer

16. Fran Lebowitz

Who: author, smokers' rights activist
Signature uniform: tailored dark suits by Anderson & Sheppard

17. Barack Obama

Who: president of the United States, American citizen
Signature uniform:grey or blue suits

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and has been dressing himself since the early '90s.

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