Take Sublime Selfies With The PicStick

Do you have childlike, underdeveloped arms that are too weak to fight off a kitten, let alone take an adequate selfie? Well guess what: the age of shoddy selfies are over. It's 2014 and you can now be the Coen brothers of the front-facing camera scene with The PicStick—a new way to take sexy-ass cinematic photos of you and your friends using the power of length. 

(Check out our Coen brothers-quality video below.)

Extending to over a foot in length, you simply secure your iPhone or Android into the specially-designed bracket, sync over Bluetooth, extend the PicStick and take the most epic shot ever.

We recommend extending the thing as far as it can go and walking into a nightclub to fully get that Goodfellas vibe. 

Gotta love the little perks like the photo button at the base of the stick. You can snap as many pics as you want without even laying a hand on your phone. That lends itself to some serious creativity among your circle of friends. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and feels fine about the act of twirling.