These Sunglasses Look Like Instagram Filters

You probably run every photo you take through Instagram, but how about seeing the world that way in realtime? Essentially a pair of time travel machines for your eyes, Tens sunglasses turns your boring present into a dusty silver gelatin print from the 1950s. Which works, because they are shaped like Wayfarers. 

Instead of simply blocking light, the Tens lens boosts the color temperature so everything is bathed in warm light. Tens says it took them three years to design the ideal lens. This make sense, since it's the approximate time it takes for some people to choose a photo filter. 

Despite offering less of a tint than traditional lenses, these sun specs do still have full UV400 protection, so they aren't just for your aesthetic pleasure.

Maybe this explains Bono's glasses.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is the Gear editor of Supercompressor. He has an Instagram. But psych, here's his Twitter @ewolffmann.