The 10 Greatest Kickstarter Campaigns Of 2014, So Far

Every Friday we usually bring you a round up of the hottest Kickstarter campaigns that have come across our desks over the course of the week, but today we’re switching things up. We pored over our picks from the last six months and plucked our 10 favorites. Get into it, people. 


Funded: January 12th
Initial goal: $15,000
Raised: $45,870
A zip-up fleece hooded onesie may be the last thing you’d want to be wearing right now, but as soon as the brisk temps of fall and winter roll in, you’ll be jonesing for one, trust us. You can still pre-order one for $95 right here.

Avegant Glyff

Funded: February 21
Initial goal: $250,000
Raised: $1,509,506
Like a modern-day Virtual Boy that doesn’t actually suck, this headset/headphone combo features a drop-down “screen” offering full-throttle visuals (for watching movies, TV, or playing video games), thanks to a series of mirrors that project moving images onto your retina. Right now you can pre-order one for $499 at

Sosu Barrel-Aged Sriracha

Funded: March 8th
Initial goal: $20,000
Raised: $104,146
Didn’t think the nation’s most beloved condiment could be any tastier? Wrong. These jars contain a fruity, spicy, and smoky version of the stuff that’s been aged in whiskey barrels. Stay tuned to to score some for yourself once they’ve wrapped their next batch. [More…

Sole Socks

Funded: March 12th
Initial goal: $4,500
Raised: $59,065
We hate to break it to you, but the whole "ankle-socks-with-boat-shoes" look is really not working for you. It doesn’t have to be this way! These moisture-absorbing and odor-blocking insoles do the work of a sock so you can stand bare-ankled and proud. They’re $12 a pair at

The Dash

Funded: March 31st
Initial goal: $260,000
Raised: $3,390,551
These waterproof, microphone-equipped wireless earbuds—which double as activity trackers—could very well be the ultimate workout companion (besides your beloved Zubaz). And they’re now up for grabs at for $299.

Monkii Bars

Funded: April 7th
Initial goal: $25,000
Raised: $111,178
When you don’t feel like hitting the gym but still want to get swole, these ultra-portable handlebar hybrids are perfect for impromptu full-body workouts. Snag a set now for $98 at


Funded: April 15th
Initial goal: $800,000
Raised: $6,225,354
Frankly, we’re a little dubious of this digital music player and streaming service and how it will advance our listening experience. However, the fact that a) it’s being shilled by Neil Young, and b) it obliterated its lofty goal seven times over are reason enough for it to be on this list. Stay tuned to for updates. [More…]

Golden Goose

Funded: May 15th
Initial goal: $34,500
Raised: $170,277
While you consider the situations in which such a thing might be useful, just know that this strange-looking contraption is designed to scramble eggs in their shells. Keep your eyes on to find out where to buy one once they hit the market. [More…]


Funded: June 14th
Initial goal: $50,000
Raised: $233,852
Nothing beats a good, old-fashioned lightsaber duel. Except of course, for those during which your ‘saber automatically keeps score for you. Arm yourself with one for $220 at [More…]


Funded: June 15th
Initial goal: $200,000 
Raised: $2,762,571 
Like magic, this flash drive-sized gizmo analyzes the molecular composition of nearly anything by simply scanning across it. Translation: it can tell you everything from the ingredients in your food, how healthy a particular plant is, and what that mystery pill you found on the ground really is. And it’s up for grabs for $249 right now at

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He is very happy that campaigns like this can now exist on Kickstarter.