The 12 Most Ingenious James Bond Gadgets

James Bond has gone on at least 23 missions, and most of them would not have been completed without the help of Q-Branch. Perhaps written with more creativity than the dialogue, plot, and characters, Q managed to exclusively produce deus ex machina for 007, in addition to exploding pens, laser watches, and cars with oil slicks and ejector seats, among many others. Going back through the 50 plus years of Bond, here are our favorites, ranked. 

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12. The Attaché Case (From Russia With Love)

The first time we met Q, he presented 007 with this attaché case. Survival rifle, gold sovereigns, and more, this set the bar for everything to come.

11. The Glass-Destroying Ring (Die Another Day)

Bond only married once, but Q (or R) gave him a ring anyway. It came in handy and was awesome.

10. Bird Snorkel (Goldfinger)

Simple and highly effective, this snorkel with a fake bird on top shows that sometimes a simple bit of hilarious camouflage is all you really need.


9. The Phone Booth Airbag (GoldenEye)

Though it never left the office, it was an unexpected pleasure. For us, that is—not the unfortunate Q-Branch technician.

8. Little Nellie (You Only Live Twice)

Brought to Japan in a couple of suitcases, this was instantly on the top of our wishlists growing up. Even if you don't get the missiles, it's still a tiny helicopter-plane—also known as a Wallis WA-116 Agile autogyro.

7. Q's Slot Machine Buster (You Only Live Twice)

Q-Branch is probably entirely self-funded.

6. Bell-Trenton Jetpack (Thunderball)

The photo above is 100 percent real, and jetpacks weren't just a James Bond gimmick dreamt up by screenwriters. These are really out there.

5. Tiny Underwater Breather (Thunderball)

This tiny cigar-shaped breathing device would have been insanely cool—if you could actually fit that much air in the tiny tube. Sadly, you can't, despite people saying otherwise.

4. The Anti-Shark Pellets (Live and Let Die)

Inflatable anti-shark pellets? Genius this was, but ever the animal lover, 007 only used it on the bad guys.

3. Lotus Submarine Car (The Spy Who Loved Me)

As if a Lotus Esprit wasn't cool enough. But frankly, you could say that about all the cars. However, those Aston Martins could never work under water, now could they?

2. The Ghetto Blaster (The Living Daylights)

The name, the function, the music. 'Nuff said.

1. The Cellphone Remote Control Car (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Just look at his face as he re-inflates his popped tires and evades the bad guys.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He has never driven a car from the back seat but is open to the idea.

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