The 5 Things Franco V Can't Live Without

Have you been to a Fashion Week party, anywhere in the world, in...oh, the last six years? If yes, there's a pretty good chance you were rocking out to DJ Franco V's signature style of music. But it's what he does when not behind the decks that makes him one of our favorite people: the dude hand-welds his own industrial furniture. Need a new bookcase? Give him an afternoon upstate and a bit of scrap metal and your Goosebumps collection will never look the same. The worst part about him though? He's a frustratingly good guy, who just happens to have a six pack that won't make you jealous at all. 

These, below, are a few of Franco's favorite things.


Millermatic 211 Auto-Set MIG Welder - $1,244
This Auto-Set MIG welder can automatically calibrate itself to the job at hand, and can handle aluminum as well as steel. Unfortunately it doesn't use an open flame, but hey, this is the 21st century.

Franco: "When I was first getting into making furniture a few years ago, I was working with some piece of junk welder a friend had left at my house. It became apparent that I needed to upgrade if I wanted to make a quality product. I got this machine and it's been nothing short of a pleasure to work with." 


Surface To Air Leather Jacket - $1,150—$1,300
Based in Paris, Surface To Air delivers a wide array of hip, edgy apparel, and its leather collection is no exception. With thoughtful zipper detailing, these jackets elevate the timeless biker look to an every-day essential.

Franco: "Now that it's Autumn again, it goes where I go!"


The Boeing 787 - $116 million, give or take
The 787 has seriously pushed the boundaries of passenger aircraft. Sure, it’s got the largest windows of any commercial airliner, and every seat’s got a screen, but it’s really all about tech. It’s completely fly-by-wire (with no mechanical linkage between the pilot and the wings, for example), and it’s made from absolutely ridiculous amounts of carbon fiber.

Franco: "When I have gigs in far off lands, it's always nice to be transported on a Dreamliner. It's spacious and comfortable and you feel like you're in the future!" 


Jameson 12 - $75.99
Jameson Irish Whiskey is a classic go-to for the Scotch lover and has been for about 300 years. With its roots deeply planted in Ireland and an array of awards to boast, Jameson's proven itself as a standard in spirits. The barley is dried in a traditional closed kiln, which gives the drinks its distinct peaty flavor. 

Franco: "I'm a whisky guy and Jameson 12 is my whisky of choice. It's aged so it's a little more woody then the original, which is why I prefer it."


Big Steel Keg - $799
Any keg that makes you think about BBQ over beer has our vote. The cast iron cooking grid is heavy-duty and could even house those dinosaur ribs from The Flintstones. Yabba-dabba-doolicious.

Franco: "I'm a bit of an aspiring barbecue pitmaster, so my favorite home item is definitely my Big Steel Keg. It's similar to the more popular Big Green Egg, but it's made with double-walled insulated steel instead of ceramic so its way more durable, especially in a place like New York where cooking in cold weather can cause the ceramic to crack. It's super fuel efficient so it doesn't require a ton of charcoal for a long "slow and low" cook. And it doesn't take up too much space, so it's perfect for city barbecuing."

Bonus: Coach Leather

Henry Boot - $445
The timeless work boot gets a stylish revamp with subtle stitching accents and a sleek look. Side zippers offer easy wearability, while the lightweight sole ensures this boot is as durable as it is comfortable.

Franco: I like the Henry Boot, it looks like I could wear it in my workshop and then head out for the night without sacrificing any style.