The Audi Q3 Has One of the Coolest Accessories Ever: a Tent

Since we checked out Ticla's awesome car camping tents, we've seen some other interesting ideas that bridge the two foot, far too wide gap between car and tent. But recently, Audi and Heimplanet took things to a new level at the Woertherseetreffen auto festival, by unveiling a tent designed to fit perfectly with the Audi Q3.

Heimplanet, known for their inflatable tents with geodesic designs, altered their look to accommodate the Audi crossover's rear, though you can use it as a completely free-standing tent as well. The tent's "poles" can be inflated quickly, taking just seven minutes to completely set up. And even without traditional metal poles, the tent can withstand some 43 mph winds before it gets Wizard-of-Oz'd away.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompresssor. He has a tent but no Audi. Weep for him or simply follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.