Meet The Ultimate Beach Chair

This weekend is the unofficial start of summer, so it's time to get your act together and start planning for the next few months. And if you really want to set yourself up for a top-notch June, July, and August, you'll consider investing in The Backpack Cooler Chair.

Tipping the scales at a more-than-manageable 13 pounds, the collapsible beach-worthy padded lounger sports a pair of shoulder straps, so you can conveniently tote it wherever you plan to post up for the day. But here's the best part: it has a sizable foam cooler beneath the left armrest to keep 24 12-ounce brews or 35 pounds of food cold, a right armrest with a cup holder and fold-out side table, and a tiered canvas shelf for snack storage. Behold, the BYO-kitchenette.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor for Supercompressor. If you need him, he'll be propped up somewhere in this chair.