This Is The Motorcycle Helmet Steve McQueen Would Wear Today

Published On 03/31/2015 Published On 03/31/2015
Bell Bullitt RSD Helmet
Cole Saladino

Barring the fact that the helmet shares a name with McQueen's 1968 chase scene epic, I genuinely believe that if McQueen were alive today, this would be the only helmet he would wear.

Cole Saladino

The best part about remaking an original is that you get to update all the parts that previously sucked. Bell's been able to maintain every inch of the original's street cred while giving it actual credibility in the safety department. The hinge on the visor is bulletproof, with incredibly solid action with the open/close mechanism. 

Cole Saladino

The original they're harkening back to is the 1960s Bell Star helmet, allegedly the first full face helmet ever to go into production. The inherent beauty in the Star’s simplicity has made it something of a design icon (didn't old school LEGO men rock this helmet shape?), so it's little surprise that they'd want to bring it back, dust it off, and get it up to today's rigorous DOT safety standards.

To do said dusting they tapped legendary custom shop Roland Sands Design, masters of retro ruggedness. In case it wasn't obvious, these dudes have a flair for the McQueen era of moto-styling.

Cole Saladino

Personally speaking, the interior is easily one of the nicest I've ever worn. The leather felt broken in, perfectly cut to allow for my massive cranium to do its thing. Allegedly, there's also room for speakers, if that sort of thing tickles your fancy. 

Cole Saladino

All in all, I'm smitten. 

Ted Gushue is the Executive Editor of Supercompressor. He's been riding motorcycles since well before he should have been, but he's never forgotten to wear a helmet. Don't risk it people.



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