10 Onesies to Warm Up Your Winter

The plummeting temperatures of winter can threaten both your will to live and your will to wear actual adult clothes. Trust me. But here to fight the biting cold are 10 onesies that'll heat up your wardrobe and keep you toasty, from hood to toe. See, winter isn't all  bad. 

ASOS Breaking Bad Onesie - $77
Embrace your inner Walter White with this oversized, hooded homage to everyone's favorite drug-dealing chemistry teacher.

The Patagon - $199
Arguably the most technical of the bunch, this onesie from Selk'bag transitions seamlessly from outerwear to sleeping bag and is lined with high tech Krekran® to provide top-notch insulation. Plus, it makes you look like a ninja. [More...]

King Max Wolf Suit - $89.95
Start a rumpus with this adult-sized version of childhood's most beloved angsty runaway's garb. BYO wild things...

USA Onesie Stars and Stripes - $169
'Murica: land of the free, home of the man who uses his loungewear to display his unwavering patriotism. This little number is lightweight and fleece-lined, perfect for National Treasure and Independence Day marathons.

Sloth From Kigu - $62.57
Perhaps the greatest embodiment of the onesie spirit, the sloth is a noble beast who understands the value of doing absolutely nothing. Which is exactly what you'll be inspired to do while swaddled in this fleece get-up with detachable sloth-gloves.

Zip Up Fair Isle - $78.22 
Nothing says "cabin cozy" like the rustic colors and classic Fair Isle-inspired print of this onesie, with dual front kangaroo pockets and drawstring hood.

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Onesie - $30
Terrorize the city in this replica of cinema's most confusingly tasty villain. Just remember to stay away from high temperatures/laser guns/Bill Murray.

Merino Ninja suit - $189
Poler and Airblaster have combined forces to bring the world this high tech base layer for any and all activities that'll get you outdoors this winter. It's odor-resistant and woven with 96% Merino wool to keep you warm even in freezing temps. [More...]

Marvel Collection from Selk'bag - $149
Wonderful for camping and vigilante justice, this insane collection of Marvel superhero onesies will make your childhood dreams come true. Go out there and fight crime, then come back and take a nap. Just like Captain America would've wanted. [More...]

The Suitsy - $340
For when you have no choice but to drag yourself out of bed and into the office, this realistic suit-like onesie has you covered. The hidden zipper and false sleeve will have everyone at work fooled, while the soft cotton-blend keeps you comfortable all day long. Just try and stay awake at your desk. [More...]

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She may never wear real pants again. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.