The 8 Tents You Need For Any Emergency Situation

When it comes to camping gear, "better safe than sorry" rings truer than ever. No one likes ending up with soggy socks or waking up freezing in the middle of the night covered in bugs. To prepare you for every freak weather scenario (or an option should you get in trouble with the law), these eight tents are here to keep you warm, safe, and dry. Happy trails.

Extreme, sustained cold temperatures

North Face VE 25 - $669.00
If your mountaineering travels take you to, oh, say Everest, you'll want to pack the big guns, namely this three-person yurt from North Face which can protect you from frigid temperature as low as -60 Fahrenheit. Glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls and a 48 square-foot area make it a convenient and comfortable option, at least compared to the Arctic tundra outside.

In case of flooding

Tentsile Stingray - $675
Besides just being ridiculously fun, a tent that you can suspend between the trees offers a unique solution to camping in low-lying areas that are prone to flooding. The Stingray holds up to three people with a maximum weight of 880 pounds and features a removable fly sheet so you can make the most of your aerial views.

The best to protect against extreme wind

The Mavericks - $5893.82
This monster is quite possibly the future of camping. Because it uses inflatable "air" beams rather than poles, the whole thing can be assembled in a minute. And the creators say that the diamond-shaped exoskeleton of this one allows for extreme protection against wind gusts up to 111 mph. 

To stay dry in a downpour

MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent - $399.95
Venting vestibules and rainfly vents, combined with their patented StayDry doors, keep water from dripping into your shelter. And coming in at around three pounds, it's a convenient travel option that'll keep the weather from putting a damper on your trip.

Inconsistent, plummeting temperatures

Rab Ridge Master Nestor Bivy - $399.95
Some climates are warm one moment, but freezing the next. If you need an uber lightweight option, at just two pounds, a bivy sack is incredibly easy to set up and can provide quick, weatherproof protection against the elements in an unpredictable environment. Not for the claustrophobic or coffin-phobic.

The best to hide out on the lam

Camouflage 3-Man Hexagon Dome Tent - $112.99
In trouble with the law? Running away from your overdue gym membership fees? You'll want to blend in to your surroundings, and what better way than with an Army surplus camo-printed option? It's a safe bet for you and two of your law-breaking friends.

For the day trip gone awry

MSR E-Wing Shelter - $174.95
The unthinkable happens, and your "three hour day hike" now has you stranded and lost. To avoid disastrous outcomes, come prepared with this lightweight shelter in your backpack. Sure, any tarp could get the job done in an emergency, but the E-Wing's DuraShield™ waterproof coating provides higher quality protection and weighs just one pound. BYO tent poles.

Protecting your bike against the elements

Redverz Series II Expedition Tent - $449
There is no greater emergency than protecting your bike at all costs. This baby is Dakar Rally-tested and features a canopied, makeshift garage so you and your ride are safe. The internal chamber sleeps a queen sized mattress, so both of you will be comfortable.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She's never owned a motorcycle, but if she did, she probably wouldn't take it on a camping trip. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.