The 10 Best GoPro Accessories

GoPro just released the newest rendition of its unbeatable action camera, the Hero4. But the camera itself, while awesome, isn't enough on its own. You need some add-ons if you want to really experience its full glory.

Below we compiled a list of our 10 favorite GoPro accessories. For professionals to amateur enthusiasts, doesn't matter; these gizmos will help you get the best shots from your camera.

Start shooting! (Well, read this first, get a few of these bad boys, then start.)

1. Jaws Flex Mount — $49.99

This is a clamp that will attach to anything you can fit it around. Put it on a bike, a tree, a skateboard—the possibilities are endless. Plus it has the added benefit of having a flex ball mount so you can ensure your GoPro has the best possible shot every time.

2. OctoMask Dive Mask — $79.99 

For those of you wanting to capture the wonders of the underwater world, grab one of these masks. Use it on your next scuba trip on the Great Barrier Reef or grab awesome shots of your friends tricking into a pool. 

3. Helmet Mount: $14.99

A staple of GoPro accessories if you're doing anything that requires a helmet. The mount makes it possible to get hands-free shots of whatever you are looking at.

You probably have seen the POV videos of mountain bikers bombing downhill courses, or football players making awesome runs. The helmet mount can be attached to any helmet no matter what sport. 

Bonus GIF:

They're all wearing them here. And they're all floating. They're all angels. 

4. Bobber Grip — $29.99

A grip is essential for any GoPro because of its size. Grips are small, compact, and allow users to get shots that are much more clear and precise than if you were only holding the camera with your hand.

The Bobber is a grip with a larger width which makes it more comfortable to hold. Bonus, it floats.

5. Suction Cup Mount — $39.99

The suction cup, a favorite of the favorites among our staff, is another essential mount for your GoPro. It allows you to stick it to a multitude of different smooth surfaces.

Mount it on your race car at the next track day or on your Jet Ski while you tear up the ocean or tiny little stream.

6. Chest Harness — $39.99

If you want a view of the world from your own perspective, nab the chest mount. This harness allows you to film while keeping your hands free. We recommend this for, well, those times when you don't need the helmet mount. 

7. Reach Pole — $54.99

The pole allows you to extend the camera for a significant distance. The extension creates much better angles given the GoPro's wide angle lens. Selfies on the chairlift? Yup. Aerial shot through the roof of your car? Mmm-hmmm.

8. Easy Gimbal Stabilizer — $599

This Kickstarter campaign performed extremely well ($62,000 of $40K goal) and offers a fantastic electronic stabilizer built specifically for GoPro. It takes the ability of a hand mount to the next level, offering superb image stabilization on three different axes. In other words: shoot professional looking movies with this accessory.

9. DJI Phantom Drone: $579

For serious filmmakers who want to get crazy aerial shots, target this drone. Built with the GoPro in mind, the camera mounts to the underside of the drone allowing it an unobstructed view of anything in the camera's range. You can control not only where this drone flies but also where your GoPro is shooting. 

10. Fetch Harness — $59.99

Yes, you can now mount your GoPro to your dog. Now you can see how the world looks from your dog's view. Make Sparky run, jump, swim, and do other cool tricks and you will end up with some awesome footage.

Gavin Woolard is an intern at Supercompressor. He came dressed to work like that dog today, ran around on all fours, chased tennis balls, barked, and no one even noticed. It was a total misfire. He's still a pretty cool guy though. See for yourself on Instagram