Smart Earbuds And The Best Kickstarters Of The Week

Mmmm…Weekend! Aaaaagghhhhhh!

Sprite Portable Drone 

Status: $277,403 of $200,000 - FUNDED
Estimated Delivery: December 2015
Most of the drones available on the consumer market are being marketed as toys. This rugged portable UAV falls under a different category. The Sprite is made specifically for extreme hobbyists like outdoor adventurists and professional photographers, with 1080p hi-def video recording, a two-axis stabilized gimbal, GPS capabilities, and waypoint navigation. Best of all, it requires little-to-no manual effort thanks to several autonomous flight modes that let the drone travel up to a 4-mile range.

Vela Electric Bike 

Status: $27,518 of $55,000 goal
Estimated Delivery: November 2015
The urban commute can be rough. But one company looks to improve city cycling with its elegant hybrid two-wheeler. It sports fat road tires for better comfort and dodging tramline tracks, along with a leather-wrapped waterproof main panel featuring a five-volt USB port for charging mobile devices. A Li-ion removable battery with a range of up to 15-20 miles powers the bike.

Hub+ for USB-C 

Status: $602,207 of $35,000 goal - FUNDED
Estimated Delivery: June 2015
With zero outputs to support flash drives, memory cards, or portable devices...the new MacBook will surely make life miserable for many with its the new USB Type-C port. There is a solution though. This unique input hub is designed with 3 USB-A ports, a mini DisplayPort, and SDXC card reader. Though new MacBook owners can find use for the extra USB-C ports as well.

MIITO Electric Kettle

Status: $637,681 of $167,383 goal - FUNDED
Estimated Delivery: April 2016
It’s easy to mistake the Miito for a wireless smartphone charger at first glance. But in reality you’re looking at an ultramodern electric kettle designed to preserve energy consumption and revolutionize the way we heat food. The base creates an electromagnetic field that heats water, a cleaner method because it produces less limestone. Guess you can say it’s also a Brita replacement. [See more]

Here Active Listening Earbuds 

Status: $289,097 of $250,000 goal - FUNDED
Estimated Delivery: December 2015
Billed as a wireless interactive listening system, these dynamic earphones push the boundaries of audio engineering by offering “curation tools for every live environment.” Here doesn’t play or stream music. Instead, it personalizes the listening experience with a built-in Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that opens the lane to toy with volume and equalizer settings for the sake of fine-tuning the sound stage. All of this is accomplished through its accompanying mobile app.

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