The 10 Best Pocket Knives You Can Buy

There's nothing like the reassurance that having a trusty knife in your pocket brings. Despite being a simple blade, a pocket knife is useful for just about everything. It's a shame that carrying a pocket knife has gone the wayside of other habits our grandfathers had, like walking uphill both ways everywhere and living without crushing student loans. If you want to bring the pocket knife back, there's some good stuff out there.

Here are 10 of our favorites.

Gerber 46009 L.S.T. Drop Point

This simple lock-back is a solid knife without any of the bells and whistles—giving you only exactly what you need. This is a great knife for first-time carriers and knife aficionados alike, and only puts you in a $15 hole if you lose it.

Spyderco Bug

The Bug weighs just 11 grams and is 2.9 inches with the blade fully extended. Don't think that means that the blade can't handle any job you have for it, though: it's 3Cr stainless steel and sharper than you expect. This one works just as well on a keychain as in your pocket. 

Opinel No. 8 

Opinel's classic take on an olive wood stock separates this knife from all of the other synthetic and steel stocked knives out there. Plus, for something that looks like a handcrafted masterpiece, its shockingly low price makes it a real winner. 


CRKT's flipper is built specifically to be an everyday carry knife. With a compact frame made of glass-filled nylon and a high-carbon stainless steel blade, its calling card is its Auto-LAWKS technology, which makes the knife essentially a fixed blade tool when locked. That's how you keep from worrying about the blade accidentally closing on you mid-job...because that is devastating. 

Buck 110 Folding Hunter® Knife

This single bladed wonder from Buck is the epitome of class, with a 50-year history as one of America's top-selling pocket knives. The wooden handle paired with a sturdy locking mechanism makes this iconic knife the very best amalgamation of fashion and function.

Kershaw Leek

This sleek all-stainless steel number from Kershaw pairs a modified drop-point blade with a solid handle and flipper function for easy access. Its straight, sharp-tipped point sets it apart from other pocket knives, making it equally as useful for piercing as cutting.

SOG BladeLight Folder

We love this knife so dearly that we keep one in our office at all times. In addition to having a sturdy blade with a locking mechanism and ergonomic handle, it has six LED lights that provide illumination at the press of a button so you can see what you're cuttin' up. 

Case 6.5 Bonestag Trapperlock

This Case is exactly what you imagine when you think of a pocket knife. With its genuine bone handle's inlaid design, the locking mechanism provides a nice twist and the thumb stud ensures an easy open every time. 

Benchmade Griptilian

Price: $115
This is a purely utilitarian knife, made with little regard to aesthetics or flair, but it's made to work and work well. The partially serrated blade makes cutting anything a quick task, which is exactly why you carry a pocket knife in the first place. You can also get them customized and personalized.

KA-BAR  Dog's Head Coppersmith 2-Blade Folding Trapper

If you were lucky, this is the knife your grandfather carried around and used every day. The classic two-bladed trapper design made with jigged bone and other top materials is the type of knife that isn't just a tool. It's an heirloom.

Legend has is that this knife takes its namesake from the testimonial letter of a fur trapper who used it to kill a bear that attacked him. Apparently the letter's only legible part was "ka bar," which they surmised to translate to "kill a bear." THIS IS THE KNIFE THAT KILLS BEARS. 

Brett Williams is an Editorial Assistant at Supercompressor. These knives remind him of home.

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