10 Pocket Self-Defense Tools That Pack A Punch

The world can be a scary place. And although you hope you'll never need to use it, it feels good to know you're packing some secret back-up, should you ever come into harm's way.

From tasers to pepper spray to clandestine knives, below you'll find a pocket-sized self-defense tool for every situation. Stay safe out there.

1.ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallet - $59.99 - $134.97
Having a solid self-defense tool is useless if you don't have anywhere to stash it. This concealment wallet from Hypalon has two hidden flaps with slots for a handcuff key, wire blade, etc. Plus, the whole thing is chemical-resistant to keep your goods safe no matter what kind of trouble you get into.

2.Tomahawk Stealth Comb Knife - $3.99 
What looks like a standard comb actually has a hidden sheath that reveals a 3 1/4" blade in the handle. Now you'll be neither the victim of petty theft nor a bad hair day.

3.The Defender Pepper Spray - $179
A funded Indiegogo campaign, the Defender is without a doubt the world's smartest pepper spray. Not only is it the highest concentration of the chemcial legally available, the container also snaps a pic of your attacker and sends that and your GPS coordinates to the police when administered. [More...]

4. Fifty-Cent Covert Knife - $39.00
No one would ever suspect your loose change is holding a concealed blade. This faux coin splits in half and houses a small knife; just don't forget and try to buy something with it.

5.Gerber Zip Blade - $12.00
Yep, even your clothing can transform into a life-saving device these days. This little guy from Gerber looks like a regular zipper and can be attached to anything, but when you swivel out the round portion at the bottom, there's a .68-inch blade that's there when you need it but hidden when you don't. 

6.Uzi Tactical Pen - $15.96-$23.96
The only Uzi you can carry in public without breaking all sorts of laws, its line of tactical pens boasts a whole host of capabilities, like housing a handcuff key, glass breaker, and even a "DNA catcher"—a jagged tip that can actually rip shreds of flesh out of your assailant for DNA analysis. [More...]

7. Brutus the Bull Dog Self Defense Keychain - $7.95
See? Not all self-defense gadgets have to be terrifying. This cuddly-looking keychain really is man's best friend; the impact-resistant plastic and sharp tips of the ears have got your back if need be. Just put your fingers through the eyes and thrust toward your attacker.

8.Gerber Money Clip - $26.50
Your standard money clip can now pack a pretty deadly looking Titanium nitride-coated knife. Hey, you needed a place for your credit cards anyway, might as well carry around a fine-edge knife blade, too.

9. Heavy Duty Hand Claw Spikes Set - $23.45
These fully-adjustable claws have an easily adjustable nylon strap and steel teeth, so you can unleash your inner Wolverine on your would-be assailant. 

10.Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Case - $59-$149
You already carry your iPhone in your pocket anyway, why not arm it with a case that doubles as a stun-gun? With ambidextrous triggers and a 950,000 volt charge, anyone would think twice before trying to steal this guy. Just be careful at airport security. [More...]

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She has, on more than one occasion, been called-pocket sized. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.