All The Gear You Need To Keep Your Flight From Sucking

Flying during the holiday season is like being imprisoned in an airborne torture chamber. The constant assault on your personal space, screaming infants, and turbulent holding patterns are enough to make anyone want to abandon all hope. But fear not, brave traveler! Here to end your airplane woes is this guide to all the best in-flight gear, laid out from take off to landing.

Bon voyage.

VinniBag - $28
Planning on bringing a nice bottle of vino home to the family for the holidays? Stash it in one of these inflatable wine carriers so you're not faced with a suitcase full of shattered Rosé when you land.

Bluesmart Carry-On - $215
Roll up to the gate with this smart suitcase that pairs with your phone to allow you lock it remotely. It even provides weight measurements, so you're never caught with day-ruining overweight fees. (Oh, also, do TSA pre-check, for God's sake.) 

Knomad Organiser - $139
This minimalist travel pack has slots for all your important gear, meaning you'll never be fumbling for your tickets at the gate or your headphones at your seat. 

Tumi Alpha 2 Laptop Brief - $395
You're given one carry-on and one personal item, so make it count with this briefcase from one of the most trusted names in travel. It has a special attachment to slip over the handle of your suitcase, plus it's TSA-approved, so you won't need to take your laptop out of the sleeve at security. 

The Carry On Cocktail Kit - $24
Basically the only thing that can make air travel bearable is alcohol, so don't slack on crafting custom cocktails just because you're at 30,000 feet. This travel-sized kit comes with bitters, a muddling spoon, and Demerara cane sugar so you can booze freely about the cabin.

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Headphones - $310
A pair of top-notch noise canceling headphones is crucial to stave off the audio assault of crying babies and belligerent passengers. This pair from V-moda is among the best our editors have ever used. Incredible sound quality and easily foldable to a compact size, they're a no brainier for travel.

Dynex Headphone Splitter - $7.99
Have a total babe sitting next to you? Don't waste the opportunity to get a little closer with a headphone splitting jack to share your music..

Arctic Flight - $100
Kick back and relax with this hands-free iPad mount that'll affix to the back of the seat in front of you, so you're not stuck watching Something's Gotta Give or 27 Dresses the whole flight.

Ostrich Pillow Mini - $20
With slots for both your thumbs and arm, this little number's perfect for travel, helping you squeeze in a nap in even the most uncomfortable of locations. Wear it on your hand or elbow to catch some serious mid-flight Zs.

Hush Smart Earplugs - $150
Bluetooth connectivity makes Hush a smart option for the air; they can play white noise and sync with your phone to wake you for an alarm or important call (on the ground, naturally). 

Pendleton Travel Blanket - $99.50
Most travel blankets will leave you looking like an extra from a Snuggie infomercial. Elevate your look with these sharp wool numbers from legendary clothier Pendleton. 

Essentials Escape Sleep Mask - $19.95
If you're committed to in-flight napping, you'll need an eye mask to block out that annoying fluorescent lighting. With custom recessed eye cavities and nose padding, this mask will get the job done.

Aero-Tray - $59
Aero-Tray attaches to your tray table to prop up your laptop for a little productivity without losing precious space for drinks or snacks. 

Mac Lock - $59.95
You can never be too safe. Don't ever fear a stolen laptop again with this lock that'll tether to your surroundings and keep sticky fingers off your goods.

Pocket Travel Medic - $12
Headaches at 30,000 feet are no match for your mini medic, which has bandaids, painkillers, antacids and more. It's going to be a long weekend, arrive refreshed.

Sanitizing Phone Charger - $59.99
Fact: planes are cesspools of virulent plague. Don't lie, you took your phone into the bathroom with you. This baby will annihilate those germs with sanitizing UV lights while simultaneously charging a wide range of devices.

Colgate Wisps - $5.99
You've been traveling all day. Your breath is atrocious. Fix it with disposable brushes that come pre-loaded with toothpaste. Whoever's picking you up will thank you.

Ali Drucker is a jet-setting staff writer for Supercompressor. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.