The Cleanest and Best Way to Light Your Charcoal Grill

While a flamethrower is clearly the best way to start a grill (yes, the general badassness cancels out the gasoline flavor), we've found a close second that trumps lighter fluid, electric horseshoe, and the chimney: the Bison Airlighter. Unlike the others, it doesn't add a chemical or newspapery taste to the charcoal, and it doesn't take forever to light.

The Airlighter uses a four-inch jet of 2,600°F fire to light the charcoal directly in seconds. Then a fan inside works to spread the love to the other coals, getting all the charcoal burning quickly and cleanly. Since only a small amount of accelerant is used for the initial flame, it's clean as well as quick. And, making your life easier in the dark, there's a bright LED flashlight built-in.

There's really no downside here — it seems to have the fastest ignition to cooking time, and doesn't require the compromise of adding unwanted chemicals to your meat. Also, it looks totally fun to use.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is Supercompressor's Gear editor. He used to review grills for a living so he knows what he's talking about. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.