This Hoodie Has Built-in Flasks And Is Ready To Party

The innovations people come up with in order to have their favorite drinks on the sly never ceases to amaze us, so here's the latest and greatest in wearable drinking tech: the Boozie, a sweatshirt equipped with hidden flasks.

The Boozie's flasks are ingeniously contained in its hood while the liquid inside of them is accessed through the "strings" of the sweatshirt, which are actually hoses with CamelBak-esque drip-free bite valves attached. The whole device is about as subtle as you can be while sneaking your drinks into a prohibited venue, so long as you aren't sucking on the hoses right in front of security.

Right now, the Boozie is collecting funds via this Kickstarter campaign with an anticipated product launch in September 2015. Pledges start at $95 for a first run Boozie.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor who certainly doesn't have anything hidden in his sweatshirt.

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