This is What a $35,000 Pistol Looks Like

What you are looking at is a work of art. A deadly, yet beautiful piece of weaponry. It's called the Cabot Damascus 1911, and its name's derived from the material used to make the pistol: Damascus steel

Employing a process that dates back thousands of years, Damascus steel has long been highly desirable because of the beautiful patterns created during forging. Not to mention it is difficult and time consuming to produce.

Formed by hand, Damascus steel starts as a steel ingot that is heated, folded, hammered, and then the process repeats. It's up to the artisan to determine how many times this needs to be done. In this specific instance, Master Damascus craftsman Chad Nichols used a 50 layer block.

While there may be other "Damascus" guns on the market, Cabot says they are almost entirely made from powdered Damascus. This pistol is the only one in the world made from the real thing. 

Oh yeah, did we mention that the grip is made from the polished tooth of a FREAKING WOOLY MAMMOTH?!

While it would have no problem being fired, considering the price tag and fact only five are being made, we think this one is better suited for the mantle piece. 

Gavin Woolard is the Social Media Editor at Supercompressor. He's pretty handy with a 12 gauge. See him busting some clay pigeons on Instagram