8 Ridiculous Multi-Person Bikes You Should Ride Immediately

When it comes to multi-rider bikes, most people beg the question, “Why?” when they should be asking, “Why not?”. If you’re looking for a ride that’s anything but typical—and absolutely hate being alone—hop on, and bring 1-16 of your closest buds.

Happy trails.


Just because you’re adding a seat doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on the tech behind the bike itself. Co-Motion offers up one of the finest tandems money can buy with dual disc brakes for better stopping power as well as a workhorse Shimano 105 kit. 

Seven Person Tricycle

Reportedly used for mobile conferences at Google, if you’ve got the cost of a small car under your mattress, you too can cruise around up to 10 mph with six of your closest pals—and only slightly resemble circus performers.

The Family Cycle

Three wheels, two seats, endless options. Though they’re often used by families on beach resort vacations, you don’t need any sand to appreciate the comfy seats and shady awning.

Shadow Aluminum Trailer Bike

Price: $200
If you’re not ready to commit to extra seating full-time, this detachable trailer serves up extra pedal power without the permanent obligation. Unfortunately its max weight limit is 100 pounds, so make sure you plan accordingly.

Weehoo iGo Two Passenger Pedal Trailer

Price: $500
Got twins? Our sympathies. Fortunately, you can all pedal around together. You'll love the savings over the car when it comes time to put those guys through college.

The Touring Quadracycle

What sets this multi-person ride apart from the others is steering wheel placement. If you’re looking to give passengers up front prime views along the way, consider this quad with improved stability and 16-gauge powder-coated steel chassis.

Five Person Pedal Surrey

The surrey is a classic ride with vintage charm. Stainless steel frame and rack-and-pinion steering make for comfortable travel. Bonus: the basket up front easily stores groceries. Or two very small friends.

The Pedal Pub

Don’t: drink and drive. Do: drink and pedal. This 17-seater comes equipped with a working keg and space for a bartender, and yes, there are cupholders for your drinks. There’s a special seat for the driver, who should probably just enjoy the ride and not the beer.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She never drinks and drives, only sips and strides. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.